Clear Pools

The will of the spirits. The will of my Alpha.


’’’Created:‘’’ August 2014 (next update March 2015)

’’’Note:‘’’ The NPC gains XP at a rate of 5 points per month and Renown at a rate of 4 points per month. He began with roughly 150 XP, as did the rest of her pack (some packmates had XP left over, so some had a little more or a little less than 150, but only within a 1-5 point margin).

’’’XP:‘’’ 22/50

’’’Notable Equipment:‘’’ None

’’’Notes:‘’’ I ran out of time and got super lazy with Rites. As in I stopped trying to calculate them because I was already trying to run the scene as I was finishing up with Clear Pools. I reserve the right (ha ha) to just add a rite if I think she’d ICly have it.


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Charisma (Spirits): 4 Perception (Instincts): 5
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence (Puzzles): 4
Stamina (Soak): 4 Appearance: 3 Wits: 4


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: 2 Animal Ken: 3 Occult (Spirit Lore): 4
Athletics: 3 Stealth (Hide): 4 Enigmas (Omens): 4
Brawl: 3 Survival: 3 Investigation: 2
Empathy (Soothe): 5 Rituals (Mystic): 5
Primal Urge (Instincts): 4 Subterfuge: 2


Rites: 5 Totem: 5


Cleansing Binding Awakening
Summoning Prophecy Feeding the Land
Defiance Gathering of the Departed Accomplishment
Contrition False Judgment Enchanted Forest
Silence Growth Delicate Sable


Hare’s Leap: 1 Sense Wyrm: 1 Hidden Killer: 1
Mother’s Touch: 1 Command Spirit: 2 Name Spirit: 2
Sight from Beyond: 2 Heightened Senses: 1 Pulse of the Invisible: 3
Umbral Camoflauge: 3 Offering the Slain: 2 Sense Wyrm: 2
Spirit Speech: 1


Gnosis: 7
Rage: 2
WP: 4
Glory: 1
Honor: 0
Wisdom: 5
Temp Glory: 7
Temp Honor: 7
Temp Wisdom: 7


Clear Pools cares little for the politics of her tribe or her nation. The spirits have guided her since even before her change, through a series of omens and works that taught her in the way that she should go. She consults them in ways large and small. Her Alpha is a strong Alpha, and listens to the voice of Clear Pools’ wisdom. Therefore, Clear Pools is content, as her Alpha does not make her choose between the will of the spirits and the will of the pack. She speaks little, speaking only when the spirits demand.

Clear Pools

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