Constantin Washington

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Charisma ●●●● (Spirits)
Appearance ●●●
Intelligence ●●●●● (Deduction)
Manipulation ●●●
Empathy ●●●● (Detect Emotions)
Expression ●●●● (Inspire)
Intimidation ●●●● (Eerie)
Perception ●●●● (Instincts)
Enigmas ●●●● (Omens)
Dexterity ●●●● (Dodge)
Rituals ●●●●● (Seasonal)
Occult ●●●● (Spirit Knowledge)
Leadership ●●●● (Spiritual)

Mark of the Unicorn (Merit)


Constantin Washington was born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. On the surface he was a normal, geeky kid who liked computers and superheroes. He and his sister were raised by an aunt. His parents were both active members of the Kinfolk community and were eventually killed for their troubles. Officially, they died in a car accident. Both he and his sister had Kin-fetches put on them when they were born, though he was the only one of the pair that changed. It happened when he was 18 with no particular tragedy, and the Children of Gaia came to take him away and teach him the ways of the Garou just as all of his friends were off to college. This made it easy for him to slip off the radar of almost everyone from his old life other than his sister and his aunt, though his aunt succumbed to illness shortly after he passed his Rites and became a Cliath.

For many years he worked with a pack under the direction of the sept in Baton Rouge. He married Elise Mirande, a Kinfolk woman who his sept leaders introduced to him, thinking perhaps that it might be a good match. It was.

Constantin and his pack worked tirelessly to combat the Wyrm in Baton Rouge, but the Deepwater Oil Spill created a turning point for him. His pack stepped into the Umbra, one of the packs handling the spiritual side of the spill over the physical monstrosities that it spawned. That was not an easy place to be, spiritually, and it turned out to be the mission that tore his pack apart. The youngest of them was killed, and the others turned to blame and recriminations, egged on by malevolent whispers from black, sludgy shadows. Constantin tried to hold the pack together spiritually, but in the end it was in vain. He was only able to hold things together long enough for the remainder of them to survive and leave the Umbral landscape. The pack formally split apart on that day, each of the surviving members going their separate ways.

Constantin continued to assist the other packs with the fall out of the BP spill, and has even ranged as far north as Arkansas to help with the effects of the pipeline spill there, but eventually, he needed a break. Tired, alone, newly minted as a Fostern and hearing of the founding of a new Sept he decided to join up with the group at Calais du Coeur. His wife consented to make the move with him. There, he met his soul-brother Stephan, and joined the pack Thunderous Charge. He also became Ritemaster, even as Stephan became Sept Alpha. He thought he and his pack would make a home in Louisiana forever, and he’d serve in that capacity until the day the darkness finally claimed him.
It was not to be, however. Instead, the Garou of Michigan fell, and this last desperate caern remained. Stephan was called to lead it, and where Stephan went, Constantin went. It was as simple as that. And if neither of them are entirely happy about making this adjustment and starting all over again, neither will the Thunderous Charge shirk their duty to Gaia, or the spirits.

Constantin Washington

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