Elise Washington

I like pie.


Originally from the marshes and swamps of southern Louisiana, Elise is Kinfolk to the Children of Gaia. She’s got a few relatives who were Garou, and after seeing what they had to suffer, she only ever felt relief that she wasn’t similarly cursed. She did well in school, went on to become a doctor, and for a time worked as a trauma surgeon in Baton Rouge.

She met Constantin Washington when she went to a Kinfolk get-together. Despite his short height and his tendency to disappear for long periods of time (damn those Theurges), they got on well together, fell in love, and got married.

She ended up following him when he needed to move up north to Michigan. Rather than continue with the grueling schedule of a surgeon, she was working with the county coroner’s office, and she is now again working as a surgeon, this time in Hannahville.


Elise Washington

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