Mason "Throw it Back" Falls

He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.



Physical Social Mental
Strength: 2 Charisma: 3 Perception: 3
Dexterity (Attack): 4 Manipulation: 3 Intelligence (Puzzles): 4
Stamina: 3 Appearance: 1 Wits (Ambushes): 5


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: 2 Crafts (Repair): 4 Academics: 2
Athletics: 1 Drive: 3 Computer: 2
Brawl: 1 Etiquette: 2 Demolitions: 2
Empathy: 2 Firearms: 4 (Rifles) Enigmas: 1
Expression: 1 Larceny: 4 (Lockpick) Occult: 1
Primal Urge: 3 Stealth: 3 Rituals: 2
Subterfuge: 2 Survival: 4 (Trapping) Science: 2
Technology: 3


Rites: 2
Totem: 4


Blur of the Milky Eye: 1
Cooking: 1
Kitchen Chemistry: 1
Open Seal: 1
Rat Head: 1
Resist Toxin: 1
Sense Wyrm: 1
Shed: 1
Spirit Speech (from Skaia): 1
Trash is Treasure: 1
Alter Scent: 2
Beneath Notice: 2
Burrow: 2
Obscure the Truth: 2
Odious Aroma: 2
On Patrol: 2
Pulse of the Prey: 2
Salmon Swim (from Skaia): 2


Appease the Prey-Spirit: M
Bone Rhythms: M
Prayer for the Prey: M
Rite of Cleansing: 1
Rite of Contrition: 1
Talisman Dedication: 1
The Cardboard Palace: 1

Flaws and Merits

Metis Flaw – Deformity ‘’(Human Face)’‘: 0
Double Jeopardy ’’(Lame)’’: 3
Inferiority Complex: 1
Pack Mentality: 2


Gnosis: 5
Rage: 2
Willpower: 6
Glory: 3
Honour: 2
Wisdom: 2

XP: 15 / 145.00



One of the lowest of the low, Mason “Throw it Back” Falls was hit with a quadruple whammy at his birth. He’s a Bone Gnawer, the tribe that all the other tribes like to kick around the most. He’s a Ragabash, the auspice that’s almost always the omega in a pack and thus gets kicked around the most. He’s a Metis, the breed that pretty much everyone likes to kick around the most. Even Gaia seems to have spit on Mason, cursing him with not one deformity, but two. Not only is one leg so deformed that he walks around with a limp in all of his forms, but he retains a human face no matter what form he takes. Needless to say, he is a hideous lupus and a hideous crinos.

Yet, despite it all, Mason has retained his sense of humour.

Mason has drifted from caern to caern, born in Detroit, then moving outwards and downwards to Chicago, to Fort Wayne, to Indianapolis, then down to Sandusky, Ohio, before coming back up to Michigan. He’s never had a pack that will accept him (until Skaia’s Path), nor has he been able to stay in a caern for long before he was blamed for something and kicked out.


Short, skinny, and ugly as sin are good words to describe Mason “Throw It Back” Falls. He’s usually got a ready smile, but it doesn’t do much for his skinny little neck, his gawky face, or his lank, short-cut, black hair. Even when he bathes, it still tends to look kind of greasy. Usual attire is completely casual: jeans, tee shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, boots.

CNote – Flaws

Lame: Mason is lame in his right leg, meaning that he cannot run worth a damn and even walking is difficult. He has a profound limp, one which hinders him so badly that his walking speed is 1/4 that of a normal human’s. As a wolf, he finds it almost impossible to keep up with his pack and has to rely on their help to get around.

Double Jeopardy: Not only is Mason lame in one leg, but he retains a human face in all his forms, including Crinos and Lupus. It makes for a particularly hideous sight whenever he shapeshifts, and he gains a +1 difficulty on all Social rolls.

Pack Mentality: Life without a pack was very, very hard for Mason, and now that he’s been accepted into Skaia’s Path, he clings to them with sad desperation. When with at least one member of his pack, he has a -1 difficulty on all group activity rolls or strategies. Without them, everything he does is at a +2 difficulty, and in a stressful situation, he needs to roll Willpower to act on his own.

Inferiority Complex: He’s a Bone Gnawer Ragabash Metis hit with double jeopardy. He’s just not worthy of much of anything. The only ones who don’t hate him are his pack.

Mason "Throw it Back" Falls

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