Shifting Sands

“You yip like a puppy, two legs."


’’’Created:‘’’ August 2014 (next update March 2015)

’’’Note:‘’’ The NPC gains XP at a rate of 5 points per month and Renown at a rate of 4 points per month. He began with roughly 150 XP, as did the rest of his pack (some packmates had XP left over, so some had a little more or a little less than 150, but only within a 1-5 point margin).

’’’XP:‘’’ 25/50

’’’Notable Equipment:‘’’ Might Scar Fetish


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Charisma (Persuade): 5 Perception: 3
Dexterity: 3 Manipulation (Insinuate): 5 Intelligence: 3
Stamina (Soak): 4 Appearance (Alluring): 4 Wits (Ambushes): 5


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness (Paranoia): 5 Animal Ken: 3 Occult: 3
Athletics (Dodge): 4 Performance (Howling): 4 Enigmas: 2
Brawl (Bite): 4 Stealth (Hiding): 4 Investigation: 3
Empathy: 2 Survival: 3
Expression: 4
Primaul Urge (Shifting): 5
Subterfuge (Feigned Innocence): 5


Fetish: 3 Totem: 5


Heightened Senses: 1
Perfect Recall: 1
Beast Speech: 1
Hidden Killer: 1
Silence the Slain: 1
Primal Howl: 2
Elemental Favor: 3
Quicksand: 4
Distractions: 2
Eyes of the Cobra: 3
Song of Rage: 3
Song of the Siren: 3
Gift of Dreams: 4


Gnosis: 5
Rage: 5
Willpower: 9
Glory: 7
Honour: 2
Wisdom: 6
Temp Glory: 4
Temp Honour: 8
Temp Wisdom: 6


Wolves are not known for being great dissemblers. But Shifting Sands ran with a multitribal sept for some time. He learned the slippery twists and turns of the human mind. He learned what is not said can say much. He learned that one can give friend-body-language while maintaining enemy-mind. He learned that one can lead enemies down many false trails without ever speaking one falsehood. And he can smell the falsehoods of others…a trait his pack depends on.

Shifting Sands

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