Twisted One

“The prey ones, the too-hard-to-eat ones, the predators, the crawlers. I know them all, and they know me."


’’’Created:‘’’ August 2014 (next update March 2015)

’’’Note:‘’’ The NPC gains XP at a rate of 5 points per month and Renown at a rate of 4 points per month. He began with roughly 150 XP, as did the rest of his pack (some packmates had XP left over, so some had a little more or a little less than 150, but only within a 1-5 point margin).

’’’XP:‘’’ 22/50

’’’Notable Equipment:‘’’ Cub’s Vigor Fetish

’’’Metis Deformity:‘’’ One Eye


Physical Social Mental
Strength: 3 Charisma: 3 Perception (Sound): 4
|Dexterity (Dodge): 5
Manipulation: 3 Intelligence (Strategy): 4
Stamina (Soak): 5 Appearance: 1 Wits (Ambush): 5


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness (Traps): 5 Animal Ken (Befriend): 5 Enigmas: 4
Athletics (Dodge): 4 Stealth (Hide): 5 Occult (Garou Lore): 4
Brawl (Attack): 5 Survival (Hunt): 4
|Primal Urge (Instincts): 4


Fetish: 2
Totem: 6


Create Element: 1
Sense Wyrm: 1
Wolf-at-the-Door: 1
Shed: 2
Blur of the Milky Eye: 1
Infectuous Laughter: 1
Scent of Running Water: 1
Beast Speech: 1


Gnosis: 6
Rage: 4
Willpower: 9
Glory: 3
Honor: 1
Wisdom: 3
Temp Glory: 5
Temp Honor: 8
Temp Wisdom: 10


Twisted One never thought to find pack. He begain speaking to the other animals in the forest instead, the ones who did not hate him for his sire and dam’s sin. But he found pack. His deformity was not too great, so he was allowed to live. He was accepted. He stays quiet and eats when he is given leave to eat. He works very hard. He has turned his rapport with the animals to his pack’s advantage on many other occasions. He will be the first to die for them if necessary, for he is the least.

Twisted One

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