Reciprocal Avalanche

Reciprocal Avalanche


Granite is one of the crystalline rocks that form the “basement” of the Appalachian mountains. It comprises part of the geological backbone of the area and has weathered eons of slow change. Granite appears hard and unyielding, but he is also a symbol for stability and stoicism.

Traits : Granite grants his Garou children two points of Strength and Intimidate. He also teaches them the Gifts of Strength of Purpose and Stone Mask.

Bans : Granite demands that his children never back down from a test of strength or endurance.

Pack Members

Victor Mjolnir’s Law, Alpha, Get of Fenris Philodox, Fostern

Cagney, Foretold Conclusion, Beta, Fianna Galliard, Fostern

Laura Fiber Optic Ascent, Glass Walker Ragabash, Fostern

Sarah Dark Under the Storm, Shadow Lord Theurge, Adren

Reciprocal Avalanche

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