Skaia's Path


Totem: Skaia

Skaia (AKA Salmon) is a wise spirit. He sends his children from his lodge in the Ghost World, where they enter the waters of our world and move up the stream, fighting the current, leaping over it and past their adversity. So, too, does he teach the Garou to leap over obstacles, to slip past them, and when to use wisdom over strength. His children are persevering; if they do not succeed at once, they will always try again.

Traits: Each pack member gains the Theurge Gift: Spirit Speech and the Gift: Salmon Swim. In addition, pack members’ difficulties on Enigmas rolls are at -1.

Bans: Packs must do their best to protect and honor other spirits. They may never refuse a call for aid from a Gaian spirit.
Cost: 5

Type: Wisdom

Totem Point Expenditures: Pack telepathy (4 points), Totem can always find pack members (1 point), Totem is nearly always with pack members (2 points), Rage buff (1 point for 3 Rage points), WP buff (1 point for 3 WP points), Gnosis buff (1 point for 3 Gnosis points), Flood Charm purchase (2 points). Final stats for Skaia: Willpower 6, Rage 5, Gnosis 6, Essence 17

Flood: The spirit can raise the natural water level in an area. The spirit spends a point of Essence to flood an area. The size depends on the power of the spirit—a Jaggling using this Charm could flood several blocks, or a small town, while a Gaffling could flood a building or a city block. Flooding a larger area could require the spirit to expend more Essence.


Currently acting as the guardian pack for the Sept of the Eighth Sign due to the highly RP-restrictive nature of a guardian pack’s role on a bawn (they do not leave, thus they do not go off having adventures off the bawn). If any other pack would prefer to take up the position of guardian pack, please contact Stephan and Constantin.

Skaia's Path

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