Snake Eyes


Pack Purpose:

To find fetishes, rites, secrets and other resources for the Sept of the 8th Sign.


Juniper, Lupus Cliath Ragabash of the Wendigo Tribe

Felipe, Cliath Theurge of the Uktena Tribe

Marvel, Cliath Ahroun of the Bone Gnawer Tribe

Totem: Uktena

The Uktena is an ancient water spirit that blends the features of cougar, serpent, and deer. He is the spirit of riverbeds and dark places, and he knows secrets that even other totems of wisdom have not discovered.

Traits: Individual: Each Garou in the pack gains two points of Wisdom renown. Garou of the Uktena tribe treat the pack like brothers.

Pack: Followers of Uktena add three dice to all soak rolls when in the Umbra and benefit from -1 to the difficulties of all rolls involving Enigmas, Occult, Rituals, and other “mystical knowledge” (e.g.: an Alertness roll to spot a Wyrm symbol or an Academics roll to know an artifact is from a given geographical area. The character would not apply the benefit to a stealth roll because that is not directly investigating a supernatural or mystical object). Uktena’s children add one to the difficulties of all social rolls when interacting with werewolves of tribes other than the Uktena or Wendigo.

Bans: Uktena asks that its Children recover mystical lore, objects, places and animals from the minions of the Wyrm.

Cost: 8
Type: Wisdom

Snake Eyes

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