Thunderous Charge


About the Thunderous Charge

The Thunderous Charge has whittled its purpose down with a laser focus: the leadership and protection of the Sept of the Eighth Sign.

Pack Totem:Boar

Boar is a Totem of War. The savage and powerful boar is feared by many hunters. With its ferocity and anger, it will fight long after weaker warriors fall in battle. Many combative young packs choose Boar as their totem. In many ancient cultures it was also thought to symbolize nobility, not just bravery and ferocity. They are also associated with the earth, and looking deep beneath the surface for the wisdom that might be found there.

Traits: Boar makes his children better hand-to-hand fighters, and gifts them with some of his legendary endurance.

Ban: Children of the Boar must never hunt or eat boars. The pack was disappointed to learn that this included bacon and pork chops, since that would require real sacrifice on their part.

Spent Totem Points: Currently the pack has 18 Totem background points. Current expenditures: Boar (5 points), pack telepathy (4 points), totem is nearly always with the pack (2 points), Moon Bridge Charm (2 points), Rage/WP/Gnosis buffs (3 points), Totem can always find a pack member (1 point).

Stats: Gnosis 5, Rage 6, Willpower 6, Essence 17

Planned Spends: To be acquired when more Totem points are attained: Extra pack member can use the totem’s powers in the same turn of combat (1 out of 3 points acquired)


Stephan — Athro Ahroun of the Wendigo Tribe, Alpha (PC)

Constantin — Athro Theurge of the Children of Gaia, Beta (PC)

Marisol — Fostern Galliard of the Uktena Tribe (NPC)

Nova — Fostern Ragabash of the Uktena Tribe (NPC)

Protected Territory

These areas are under the protection of the Thunderous Charge:

The Sept of the Eighth Sign – The protectorate of every Garou, but the Thunderous Charge consider themselves its primary protector. Stephan works especially closely with Skaia’s Path, the guardian pack, to see to its defense and well-being.

Hannahville Indian Community – A community of Potawatomi peoples who have remained in Michigan’s upper peninsula. They are the descendants of those who refused to leave Michigan in 1834, during the great Indian removal, enacted by President Andrew Jackson. Intermingled with their people are Wendigo Kinfolk; both Stephan and James have claimed them to be under their protection, as the highest-ranking Wendigo Garou in the area.

Thunderous Charge

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