James the Unchained

To be inspirational is to be crazy enough to live a little.


Created: March 2014
XP: 6/55
Notable Equipment: Fang Dagger, the Sept of the Eighth Sign’s Brood Spear, Heart of Tranquility Fetish (see below)


Physical Social Mental
Strength (Damage) 4 Charisma: 2 Perception (Sight): 4
Dexterity (Attack): 4 Manipulation: 2 Intelligence: 2
Stamina (Soak): 4 Appearance (Alluring): 4 Wits (Ambushes): 4


Talents Skills Knowledges
Alertness: 3 Firearms: 3 Investigation: 4
Athletics: 2 Melee (Pole Arms): 4 Law: 1
Brawl (Man Form): 4 Stealth: 3 Rituals: 2
Intimidation: 2 Survival: 3
Leadership: 2
Primal Urge: 2
Streetwise: 1


Fetish: 3
Kinfolk: 1
Rites: 2
Totem: 2


Beat of the Heart-Drum: 1
Camouflage: 1
Falling Touch: 1
Master of Fire: 1
Razor Claws: 1
Resist Pain: 1
Snow Sight: 1
Spirit Speech ‘’(from Skaia)’‘: 1
Spur Claws: 1
Truth of the Hunted: 1
Fog: 2
Jam Technology: 2
Salmon Swim ’’(from Skaia)’’: 2
Shield of Rage: 2
Spirit of the Fray: 2
Blood of the North: 3
Combat Healing: 3
Wind Claws: 3


Hunting Prayer: M
Offerings: M
Rite of Cleansing: 1
Rite of Wounding: 1
Talisman Dedication: 1
Rite of Accomplishment: 2


Gnosis: 3 Rage: 8 Willpower: 7
Glory: 7 Honour: 3 Wisdom: 1
Temp Glory: 5 Temp Honour: 15 Temp Wisdom: 5

Heart of Tranquility

Level 4, Gnosis 9

The Heart of Tranquility is a gris gris bag with a Dove spirit inside of it. It is a Level 4 fetish (as the power nearly mimics the level 4 Child of Gaia gift: Serenity). Once the fetish is activated the wearer may not frenzy for a full 24-hour period. Generally it would be activated as a preventative measure…by the time you’re making frenzy rolls it is too late. Once activated the wearer may not spend Rage, either—if the wearer wishes to spend Rage then the effect automatically ends. This fetish is primarily for use around the bawn and around Kin, when flying into a frenzy could become tragic and disastrous. However, a wise Ahroun might well use it in situations where banes are flying around, knowing full well that he might be pushed into a frenzy against his will.

This fetish was created for James by Constantin.


Fun loving, but there’s a smoldering anger beneath the surface that’s more than Rage and is all too easily stoked. Arrived from Saskatchewan. It is unclear whether he was one of Albrecht’s picks or whether some political move by the Wendigo tribe placed him here.

James the Unchained

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