Juniper Taunts-the-Twisted

Taking the shape of the wolf is not knowing the wolf.


Juniper is a Lupus Ragabash, and at first she started out a bit silly. She came down from Saskatchewan, following the call of James the Unchained for more of the Pure Ones to come and inhabit the Sept of the 8th Sign. She was known for trying to use big words and getting them wrong (something she still does, but not as often as she once did). She was also known for carrying around her Word of the Day Calendar. Unlike most lupus, she does love words. She also wears a Truth Earring fetish, a gift from her mentor, so lying to her was always hard. Usually such an attempt would be met with a good natured laugh. And it still is.

Unfortunately, a mission gone horribly wrong—in which no one was organized into packs and nobody was willing to take leadership—caused a profound shift in her. She had always been a member of Myeengun’s Lodge, but now she became more devoted than ever to teaching the ways of the wolf. She became far more willing to step up and act as Alpha, and to challenge anyone who seemed to weak or too foolish to act as Alpha. She has begun teaching the ways of the wolf in earnest.

She’s generally a decent fighter, but never let it be said that she is trying to move out of her auspice role. She is still clever, prone to misdirection and a capable scout. She earned her Rite name, after all, by running enemies off of a cliff. She’s just a little bit more in touch with her waning moon side, and has devoted the bulk of her “questioning” to questioning those homids who think that running around in wolf form is akin to staying in touch with their lupine side, as if that is all that is required.



Juniper Taunts-the-Twisted

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