Katrina Thousand-Howls

You can learn so much just by observing.


Breed: Homid
Auspice: Galliard
Tribe: Uktena
Rank: Adren (3)
Pack: Skaia’s Path
Totem: Skaia


Quiet, but known for having a wicked sense of humor. Arrived from New York City at Albrecht’s personal request. Not much else is known about her, as she often likes to keep to herself or keep to the company of her pack. She frequently spends her evenings – when she’s not on patrol – parked on her butt in front of a fire, futzing with a guitar and composing music.

She’s had a couple of wolf litters, despite being homid-born. A friendly Child of Gaia buddy with the Alternation of Generations Rite helped her out on that angle, ensuring she did her duty without being tied down for too long to her offspring (maternal instincts were distinctly lacking). She’s even managed to produce a couple of Garou.

Katrina is currently serving as the Sept’s Master of the Howl, a position that grants her Elder status. It’s a largely ceremonial position, and she usually makes an appearance at the monthly moots or at other important meetings, to open and close them with the appropriate howls. OOCly, this means that Stephan/Rabbit will be using this NPC to control the flow and pace of the monthly moots that he runs. Players are still welcome to send Opening Howl poses (if they have the Moot Rite) and take on the role of Talesinger, and those players who assist in such a manner can take on the bonus social dice for the month.

Katrina Thousand-Howls

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