Stephan Arsenault

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Date of Birth: June 25, 1989
Occupation: Alpha of the Sept of the Eighth Sign
Honour Name: Ironheart
Rank: Athro
Auspice: Ahroun
Tribe: Wendigo
Pack: The Thunderous Charge
Totem: Boar

Notable Stats:

Allies: ●●●●●
During his time as Alpha of the Sept of the Eighth Sign, Stephan has come into contact with various Garou of other tribes and Septs. He’s begun forming allies with influential Garou, including Jonas Albrecht, King of the Silver Fangs, with whom he’s slowly building a relationship of mutual respect.

Ancestors: ●●●
Stephan occasionally receives dreams and visions of his Wendigo ancestors. He knows the names and stories of a few of these faces that he sees.

Kinfolk: ●●●●●
Two Kinfolk who know of Stephan’s ancestry and can be called upon for help in any capacity, one of whom is located on the Chitimacha reservation in Charenton, Louisiana. The first is his father, a Kinfolk Chitimacha man named Daniel Arsenault who serves as a Chairman on the Tribal Council. The second is his wife, Mary Arsenault, an environmental lawyer who is NPCed by Constantin’s player and has moved to Michigan with him. Other family live in Louisiana on the Chitimacha reservation, but they’re of little help to Stephan while he lives so far away.

During his time as the Alpha of the Sept of the Eighth Sign, Stephan has gone to the effort to befriend and network with the Wendigo Kin living in the nearby Hannahville Indian Community. He has claimed them as under his protection, and he has called all other Wendigo Garou to assist in making certain they stay safe from the Wyrm.

Pure Breed: ●●●
Wendigo through and through, save for some remnants of something else that has been long lost to time.

Infectious Courage: ●●●●●
Calm Heart: ●●●
Iron Will: ●●●
Combat Expertise: ●●
Natural Leader: ●●
True Love (Mary):


Stephan Arsenault

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